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For a better world! For a better future.

Welcome! (also to the Horpor stories)


Ever since the establishment of F-ONE (efwan phonetic) in 1990, I have been carrying the idea to do something back for the environment. Now retired, it’s time to act; and for the reader to react. 
The Horpor educative tales will be nice bedtime stories for your children!
(4-12years) or read it yourself! It's worth it.

I am focussing towards hemp, as I am convinced that this product that can help in creating a better world! (if only our politicians were open minded and focusing more on ecology instead of economy)
For economy there is a nice subject. See EXEGESIS #003b 

Hemp, or the official name Cannabis sativa, is a miracle plant and is being banned since 1937 because of American political influence. (Dupont, with nylon yarn). 
Hemp is not Marihuana, although it belongs to the same family: Cannabis. Check for honest information: the "Wikipedia" site.  
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemp click interesting links)
You should know that the hemp plant material can help a lot towards improving the environment and enhance depleted soils.

My views for a better world: read the articles in  "EXEGESIS".


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