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For a better world! For a better future.

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Ever since the establishment of F-ONE (efwan phonetic) in 1990, I have been carrying the idea to do something back for the environment. Now retired, it’s time to act; and for the reader to react. 
The Horpor educative tales will be nice bedtime stories for your children!
(4-12years) or read it yourself! It's worth it.

I am focussing towards hemp, as I am convinced that this product that can help in creating a better world! (if only our politicians were open minded and focusing more on ecology instead of economy)
For economy there is a nice subject. See EXEGESIS #003b 

Hemp, or the official name Cannabis sativa, is a miracle plant and is being banned since 1937 because of American political influence. (Dupont, with nylon yarn). 
Hemp is not Marihuana, although it belongs to the same family: Cannabis. Check for honest information: the "Wikipedia" site.  
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemp click interesting links)
You should know that the hemp plant material can help a lot towards improving the environment and enhance depleted soils.

My views for a better world: read the articles in  "EXEGESIS".



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Exegesis 1

I started to publish my view to the world and all shortcomings on this page; one at the time though. (Could be a never ending story)

#001: Big companies are ruling the world, politics lost power. It is sad to see this happening. Who are the true rulers of the world? Stand up please. One Monsanto, Shell/Exxon/Mobile, Apple company is one to many.
#001a: Mon santo in French means My health. It is confusing as we are talking about POISON. The same applies for Monsanto's product: RoundUp. It better be named to: SquareDown. It kills all kinds of weed. (And poisons our drinking water) People, wake up and ban Monsanto's products by not buying any.

#002: Speedbumps should be eliminated! The dangerous fine dust, bad for all inhabitants is now being additionally produced by the so called “speed bumps”. If one approaches a bump, you hit the brakes, (causing fine dust) and accelerate thereafter, (causing more fine dust by diesel engines) causing toxic fumes. How stupid can you be!

#003: Bankers caused the present crisis; greed and higher bonuses made them blind. Stupid and shortsighted; they should be punished for irresponsible behavior. I can live with that, but not with the fact that governments now save the banks and pay for it using the money from the inhabitants. Awful and shameful.

#003a: I would not be surprised that we will have to buy everything using coupons. The world's financial situation is 5 minutes before collaps. Politics and banks (equals greed!) are to blame for this. Printing more money is a bad alternative.
#003b: I fear a total collaps of the world's financial system. Beware! For independent info: www.courtfool.info
#003c: Politics is making the same mistake as the banks: aquiring money that is not there. Mr Juncker, chairman of European nations plans a fund of 21 billion Euro's and expects big money institutions to raise that amount to 300 billion. I give the system another year before collaps.
Today, 18th February; 200 days! (MMW)

#004: "Big brother is watching you" is for real now in the so called civilized world. I would rather see some more policemen in the street instead of this camera watch. There is no prevention of crimes and all police-power comes in action AFTER the crime has been committed. Politics: start thinking!
#004a: The use of drones; a new aid (toy) for the police. They think to solve crime better with the use of drones. WRONG! The policemen back in the street is the ONLY way.
#004b: Latest news; tests are underway to use drones with teasers!. This asks for severe accidents.

#005: Don't we ever learn; mankind is destroying Mother Earth with the speed of light. Fracturing is the latest development in sucking the Earth. Is no one thinking about our children? It would be better to have the banking system fractured.
Inform yourself: http://www.eia.gov/analysis/studies/worldshalegas/

#006: A portion of meat of 100 grammes per day per person is really enough. And it does not have to be daily either: 5 times a week will do, or even less. Less meat causes not only an improvement of nutrient circomstances and climate, it also helps to reduce CO2 and polution of menour. For additional information I refer to a study: “Our Nutrient World”.( 'Our Nutrient World' )

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