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Ever since the establishment of F-ONE (efwan phonetic) in 1990, I have been carrying the idea to do something back for the environment. Now retired, it’s time to act; and for the reader to react. 
The Horpor educative tales will be nice bedtime stories for your children!
(4-12years) or read it yourself! It's worth it.

I am focussing towards hemp, as I am convinced that this product that can help in creating a better world! (if only our politicians were open minded and focusing more on ecology instead of economy)
For economy there is a nice subject. See EXEGESIS #003b 

Hemp, or the official name Cannabis sativa, is a miracle plant and is being banned since 1937 because of American political influence. (Dupont, with nylon yarn). 
Hemp is not Marihuana, although it belongs to the same family: Cannabis. Check for honest information: the "Wikipedia" site.  
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemp click interesting links)
You should know that the hemp plant material can help a lot towards improving the environment and enhance depleted soils.

My views for a better world: read the articles in  "EXEGESIS".



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Exegesis 2

#007: Look at this trailer; we are destroying the world. Stop the waste for the sake of our children: http://vimeo.com/25563376

#007a: Terrible news from Austria: there is more plastic waste in the Danube than there is fish in the river.
#008: The European parliament in Bruxelles: a money swallowing institute. An example: Kosovo received a big amount of money to improve their road-system. What happens; the contractor(s) build huge houses for themselves, relatives and corrupted politicians. The roads are still in bad shape and I would not be surprised if Kosovo will apply for (more) money to improve the road system.

#009: There is a way to lessen crime, less crowded prisons and more than enough organ donors. How? Just punish the criminals, not by confinement, not by penalization, but by relinquish an organ. This could be skin (also an organ), cornea, a kidney, a lung, a liver or even a heart. A tribunal should decide the gravity, but in my opinion, a murdercase should always cost the criminal's heart. The criminal can get the heart of the person in need of a transplantation and can go back into community and live as long as the bad heart allows.
#010a: World politics and Kindergarten. There is hardly any difference. Look at today’s situation in Ukraine, Crimea in particular. Russia’s naval fleet is situated in that area and you do not need a high IQ to see that Mr. Putin can never allow Europe to control Crimea. Before the Western world puts up a warning finger, they should look to themselves: Brussels is a dinosaur with no legs and should never want to lecture Russia. A solution could be: elections per region, including the Balaklavskyi district situated on the Crimea-peninsula.
Today, this also is valid for Ukraine; let the seperatists separate. Elections per province is the ONLY way.
#010b: War is stupid and unnecessary. Make a rule for those countries that manufacture weapons, never to export them. I am sure that international wars would be decreased by 70%. It will not happen soon; the weaponindustry is way too powerful. Again here: politics can solve it but.......economy comes first.
Question: who sells weapons to IS? Or: why do I only see Toyota's with Automatic guns on TV?

#011: The news is more and more a manipulation institute! Read why!

What causes aggression?

Who causes aggression?

Why would someone cause aggression?

The answer is not easy. Nowadays we live in a world almost without freedom. You are being watched probably 10 times more than George Orwell wrote in his book 1984.

Mankind is also guilty, as we write our biggest secrets on the social media, thinking it is for friends, but all governments in all parts of the world have the possibility to read these messages. They do that because they let you believe that there are terrorists, wanting to take your live because of religion matters. That is an easy way out; it is more complicated: Fighting the so called "enemy" give bigger governments in the East end in the West the possibility to develop and produce more (sophisticated) weapons. The public opinion is manipulated in such a way that they accept and support this because of fear. We, as citizens of the world are afraid that something or someone will interfere with the life we live.

So what causes aggression?

Occurrences like 911 in USA or a theft by a foreigner in your country. The media helps a lot to animate this.

So who causes aggression?

(Powerful people in) Governments cause the aggression for their own benefit, whatever that may be. Wealth, Authority, Power. They make a small fire and blow it big.

So why should someone cause aggression? The answer is greed. The weapon-industry is the real cause of all intolerance by various groups of persons like religion, patriotism, nationalism. They feed our differences!

# 012: Crisis in Europe

Asylum seekers cause a crisis in Europe. Various governments are in despair. What to do, how to act (and react). Many runaways from African and Middle East countries flee in rickety boats, explored by criminal individuals.
There is an easy way out!
Just ask who causes them poor people to hare away from their country? The answer is war.
Why is there war? The answer is that global industrial countries want to sell weapons to make money.

So, to solve the fugitive problem is: either stop producing and selling weapons or: HAVE THE WEAPON-INDUSTRY PAY FOR ALL REQUIRED SHELTER.
And the present asylum invasion into Europe. Why Europe. Russia and the USA are to blame for war in Middle East. So asylum-seekers go to Russia or USA.
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